The FLUXURIE Warranty


All products are guaranteed to the original owner to be free from mechanical and manufacturing defects as of the original purchase date. If a defect is found, we will deliver a replacement part or product or make the appropriate adjustment. Normal wear and tear is not covered. For example, materials such as copper, bronze, nickel, teak, and bamboo without varnish or protective finish can be expected to change naturally over time and with normal use. Other exclusions include damage caused by installation, replacement, or repair, as well as damage caused by improper cleaning, abuse, or neglect.


You warranty period of an item at the beginning of its product description. See the image below for an example:


If you should find a product, that's accidentally missing the warranty badge. Please call us at 888-378-2036 to find out the products warranty period.


If you want to open a claim, you do can this by calling us at 888-378-2036 or write an email to or open a ticket in the chat.

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